Developing an Inventory System For Datapel's WMS

Datapel Australia

What we did

Developing an efficient WMS Inventory System

Strengthening inventory analysis

Advanced inventory management

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The Company

Datapel is a B2B warehouse management software (WMS) provider with an international clientele and headquarters in Australia. With features like real-time order and inventory insights, advanced stock lookup, order tracking, and integration with well-known accounting programs, their solution offers effective inventory and order management.

Their Challenges



  • The Datapel B2B WMS UI was outdated, built on features, and required a modern, user-friendly inventory management system.
  • Inability to gather adequate reports and forecasting due to the lack of functionality
  • Limited visibility as a result of the absence of visual cues and emphasis placed on the distinct visual data indicators and inconsistent access to reports.

Our Solutions

Integrating customized graphs into their inventory system.

Inventory charts are essential for managing the items covered by the inventory controls of the company. We were able to emphasize the required visual cues and distinct visual data indicators by integrating these customized Google charts into their Inventory dashboard.



And we successfully transformed the graphs to suit the colors of the Datapel to ease the interpretation of the data.

Integrating customized tables.


We integrated customized tables to easily analyze all their data effortlessly and we referred to DevExpress to find the most suitable tables for Datapel's WMS.


DevExtreme is a set of enterprise-ready UI component suites for Angular, React, Vue, and jQuery. It is everything we needed to design responsive web apps for touch devices and traditional desktops: data grid, interactive charts, data editors, navigation, and multi-purpose widgets and it facilitated us well to find the most suitable table for Datapel WMS.


Blazing-Fast Data Processing.

We were able to provide extremely large datasets for Datapel with the aid of DevExtreme Data Grid and integrated server-side support for data filtering, paging, sorting, record grouping, and summary computations because the DevExtreme Data Grid was built for efficiency.


Flexible Data-Binding.

We customized these graphical elements using JavaScript, which also allowed us to use Dev-Extreme Data Grids' local arrays, JSON files, WebAPI, and OData services, among other things. 


The Impact

  • The Datapel B2B WMS UI was outdated and in need of a modern, user-friendly redesign, and we successfully developed a feature-heavy inventory management system to address all of these issues with required visual cues and distinct visual data indicators.


Newly updated dashboard. 


  • With the future-ready inventory system we designed for Datapel, They are capable of instantly producing vital reports for them to tackle Datapel data seamlessly.

If you want a detailed look into the work that went into the design process of Datapel's WMS, This case study is for you!


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