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Company Overview

Lexco Australia is an Australian owned smart-living electronics company based in Melbourne, Australia, that provides top-of-the-line massage therapy solutions


The Challenge

As Lexco Australia gradually progressed towards becoming Australia’s favorite smart fitness store, the number of visitors to their online website escalated along with it. However, several concerns were raised due to the website's performance, visual aesthetic and SEO optimization, hindering further growth of the company. 

The key challenges raised were;


  • To optimize site speed for better performance 
  • To keep track of all customers, products, and orders and obtain valuable sales analytics
  • To design a visually appealing website with a more modern look, accompanied by cleaner navigation as opposed to having multiple product categories and sub-categories which can lead to confusion  
  • Optimize SEO with a clear internal linking structure 

Our Strategy



We worked meticulously with Lexco Australia to give all customers a strong online shopping experience with a site where they could easily browse, reserve or purchase any product with multifaceted navigation. Convenient visual imagery and a minimalistic design was incorporated to boost user experience and attract and retain visitors’ attention. 


We prioritized mobile-centric UI/UX design, owing to the fact that the majority of customers access the site via their mobile devices. Furthermore, a  floating fixed menu was added to enable mobile users with small screens to get around navigational barriers.


We made it possible for users to refine their searches based on multiple attributes such as color and price by enabling product filtering. The product variants were also made as easy to select as possible


Lexco Australia: Mobile, PC and tablet view


Technology Implementation


The website was built using Shopify, a multi-channel commerce platform, to facilitate increased security, reliability, and scalability.

Liquid, Shopify's Ruby-based template language, is used to load dynamic content on the pages. Our team also incorporated code customizations to provide Lexco with a distinctive feature.


One of the most significant advantages is that the Shopify admin panel enables users to sell products across several online "sales channels." Sales channels refer to the many platforms through which vendors can sell products. Lexco could maintain track of its customers, products, and orders by connecting each sales channel to Shopify.


The admin store helps admin users manage items, collections, and users and obtain valuable sales analytics data by evaluating how effectively Lexco's sales channels are functioning, recording order details and tracking trends over time. The use of Secure Sockets Layer, a security technology, further created an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. 


The modified sitemap and robots.txt files helped filter which pages and files are vital to the site and provides crawlers with useful information about these files, along with a clear internal linking structure to aid SEO.

The Impact

Lexco Australia has significantly grown its customer base owing to Shopify. The user-centric design that focuses on putting the customers' needs front and center, resulted in a significant uptrend of total orders and returning customer rates within just a few weeks. In addition to significantly improved web performance where page load was no longer an issue, the mobile-friendly design, optimized visuals, and site architecture were also critical in boosting SEO.


Returning customer rate
Returning customer rate
Lexco Sessions analytics
Increase in sessions
Lexco sales analytics
Increase in sales 



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