Maximizing User Adoption: UI/UX Design for an Australian Electronic Signature Platform.


What we did

UI/UX design

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The company

GetSig is an Australian startup designing a simple solution for businesses to electronically sign documents from anywhere anytime. 

The challenge

With the world stepping into a fully digitalized system people tend to go with digital documents. From a recruitment process to a team collaboration, all digitised agreements and documents can be shared with each other in split seconds to make work easy. 


GetSig has been allowing businesses around the world to close deals with signatures with  innovative, International patent-pending, E-signature solutions. 


But to make GetSig a more prominent branding which is decluttering and straightforward, we had to design a easily scannable, content centred, user friendly UI/UX design with clear visual understanding.


Our strategy

The first step of our strategy was to go through the existing application and design a user flow. This helped us leverage what already existed in order to make an effective model for UI/UX designers, who then could create their own versions based on this framework.


For simple navigation using a storytelling approach, we have provided tutorial videos with in-depth explanations and step-by-step instructions.




We created a very engaging dashboard with a ‘drag a document to get started” call to action which highlights. And a template section at the right corner. Where you can also save your drafts as templates.  




With a call to action that says "drag a document to get started," we developed a very captivating dashboard.  And a section for templates in the right corner. Moreover, the user can save drafts as templates there.

Signing Request



By modifying the font family, the user will have a wide range of choices, including digital signatures and drawings.




The user can click to move on to the next option by following a click-through completion user flow.

Signing Experience



The user can create a profile and modify the signatures using GetSig. The profile will have two sections—one for general settings and one for billings.



Apart from the general video tutorials there is a page comprising video tutorials and FAQs with a contact us section. This page may be helpful if a user needs help at a moment where they are stuck and can find it here.

FAQ, Help and Support

The Result

We leveraged what already existed to create an effective framework that could be used as a reference by UI/UX designers who wanted to create their own version based on the structure using the strategy we used to look into the similar apps to get an idea on creating our new model.


Our UI/UX designers were able to make their own variations of the application by using our model as a guide. With no need for developers or other team members who are not involved in the design aspects of development projects, we could ensure that everything would work together without a hitch!

If you wish for a customized UI/UX design or to develop your existing one, we are willing to do the same for you! Contact us. We would be happy to work with you.

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