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About is a digital platform that helps its users become more purposeful versions of themselves. It offers users the opportunity to connect with mentors, schedule one-to-one sessions, and join Vhesta Circles. With these features, Vhesta aims to help people stay focused, feel passionate about their goals, and infuse an element of grace into their lives.


Vhesta's success as a company can be attributed to its effective marketing strategy which includes both online and offline activities. On one hand, the company promotes itself on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in order to reach a wide audience. On the other hand, it also organizes what it calls 'Vhesta Circles'. These are small groups of people who come together to discuss life’s purpose and find ways to positively impact themselves and their communities. The initiative has been extremely successful – attracting hundreds of participants from all over the world and generating positive buzz for the brand in the process. 


Apart from providing its users with an engaging platform to pursue their personal growth goals, Vhesta also offers a range of programs and courses designed to help them find clarity in different aspects of life. These include seminars covering topics such as time management, goal setting, healthy habit formation, and communication skills improvement among others. Additionally, members have access to exclusive content such as ebooks, interviews with experts in various fields, regular webinars featuring industry professionals etc., that provide valuable insights into achieving personal growth objectives more effectively. 



To ensure that their users get the maximum benefit out of the platform’s offerings in terms of personal development activities; Vhesta has set up a robust system for tracking user progress via completion badges (achievements) earned by completing certain activities within specific deadlines or scoring high on tests/quizzes etc., This incentivizes users to continue using the platform regularly by rewarding them for staying consistent with their goals over time. 


The team at Vhesta recently unveiled two new features - A live Chat & Video Calling option for one-on-one mentoring which enables users to easily communicate with Vhesta coaches without having to go through any hoops or wait times – making mentoring more accessible than ever before! 


It is clear that Vhesta’s mission is far bigger than just being another self-help app – it is committed towards enabling people across the world achieve greater purpose in life through providing them with meaningful connections & opportunities along with support & guidance at every step towards attaining that goal. As they continue growing at a rapid pace while delivering great value through innovation & customer centricity.

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